Macbook built-in audio input, aggregate device and buffering question

I have an M-Audio Firewire 410 audio interface that I would like to put together into an aggregate device with my Macbook Pro's built-in stereo audio input jack to maximize simultaneous inputs.  The problem is that enabling those built-in inputs in Live quickly triggers the crackling, popping distortion, and increasing the buffer only helps for a second.  Any clues on what to configure in order to make the built-in inputs work?


My system:

Macbook Pro 3,1

OS X 10.6

M-Audio Firewire 410



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    If you use Live, you can only select one single audio interface, as far as i know. So if you use both the interface and the Macbook input, it will probably result in some audio problems.

    I would suggest to NOT use the built-in inputs, but only use the m-audio.
    If you don't have enough inputs; switch to a dufferent audio interface with more inputs, or connect an extra patch bay or interface to the m-audio.

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