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I know this is a tired subject. I'm thinking of getting an iMac to replace my old Windows desktop. I'm in two minds wheter to go for a Mac or stick to Windows system.

First question is. All my audio samples etc are in Wav format, Will Ableton on a Mac recognize these files ? (The other problem is getting the files onto a Mac as most external/portable hardrives are Windows based. Macs recognize FAT32 but not NTFS. Which my drives are).

Second question. Are there any issues with Ableton 9 and Windows 8? I know nothing is perfect, I've heard plenty of bad things about Windows 8, but most of it sounds like people just aren't getting used to it. It will be no different if i go for a Mac as will learn how to use OSX

Third question. Are Macs really that good ? Apart from Ableton crashing (Live 8) i've never really had a major issue with Windows

Also i can get a  HP16gb ram, Intel i7, 3tb 7200rpm sata drive desktop and a HP 16gb, Intel i7, 1tb 5400rpm laptop (for portabilty) for the same price as an iMac. I've just answerd my own question but any thoughts anyone?


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    Firstly I'm using Windows 8 Pro + Media Center (x64) (2 x 4GB DDR3-1333 * Core i7 2670 QM @ 2,2GHz without dynamic clockrate excepet Turboboost for single / dual only threaded software --- HDD is a classic 5400rpm in many notebooks). I of course have a HD Audio audio chip from Realtek and use ASIO4ALL 2.11b2 - a recent update - >>> I could hit EVERY anti Windows 8 (often just heard about never saw it for real) ====== and as a first graduation being system and network security engineer before some professional reset hating computerism in fact >>> If anyone (anything) tells you bad stuff about Windows 8 : it's just a dumbass too lazy too use it more than the five minutes required to understand and replace years of reflexes with just minutes of use. It's just never crashed here, I'm even frustrated about that ; I have read some fake tech explanation  on 8 manner to manage audio, just crap, I NEVER saw any change an exception being I can set buffers 256 sambles less thyan in 7, Vista and XP SP3. Just get Win8 Pro. 64-bit. Should have been done when it was cheap. Sorry bro.

    Mac or PC ? I can't get Logic Pro. At first feeling missing something, IAC bus & AU issues are frequent. (euphemism)

    I miss OSX too. Well... don't care, it's becoming less (yeahhh) and more "grrr", nothing exceptional, I indeed want an iMac because it's just a masterpiece of hardware and usability, the screen is and always was a ... Wow, just "WOW".

    I and others despite olders and Mac only being still convinced 1/ they perfer (which is great, like every argumented point of view, here the exclusive Max using since System x.y.z (me being one of them but 30yrs old, I started computer stuff on a Mac SE/30 with HDD + FPU and RAM tweak, System 7, still functionning and een recovers the "shut down badly" bomb lol).

    I don't know people here enough to consider what they think. You just have the choice of trusting or being (like me unless multible checks with mates from different sub-side of the whole "music" related hard & soft) :

    What is a Mac ? A declining and more power eating (CPU mostly despite these are the same i7 as mine) Ableton host. On the incredible side of the complicated and rich domain of computing, you will maybe be stunned by this :

    Today, the most compatible, MacOS/Windows XP to 8/Linux (for not music making either doing anything other than ... <void>)

    A PC cannot, no way, never was more than a ill person's dream, run under OSX.

    In our team of the dozen people we stated to (excepting the ones above two stay with their Core 2 Duo iMac) :

    1/ PC is better overall for our tasks (I mean Ableton here) : less powefr than Mac doing more heavy VST/track number work, strange, but it's that and we can just accept the obvious multi-tested by different users , me being neutral (both are the solution, can you afford it, yes, buy a high-end notebook Win8 Pro x64 AND the most expensive 27" iMac)

    2/ If searching for PCs solutions, a brand is even MORE RELIABLE / WELL BUILT than Apple, conveived / designed and engineered in Germany ; power brick and battery made in Japan, very few "seems fragile" or exotic pieces >>> some TOSHIBA (ONLY TOSHIBA : HP ? Good luck if you really USE a computer and do WORK and computing LOADS 27/7 ; the same for every others, for tours or big PCs / assembled stuff let tha t for geeks and gamers. A SSD and a Core i7 quad, 8GB minimum, is a good "standard".

    Why I take some position ? Because I'm so lucky. I bought for 1499€ a Toshiba Qosmio F750 (15" and 3d without glasses screen) because the power was here and offer was limited I was without workstation the previous one being stolen days before buying ; it's a 15" wich weights 3,5kg it's FULL of copper / multi QA checks (Germany... they have standards above Japan indeed in some specific stuff, here the cooling and solid - durable for heavy use stuff ; like motors from Germany if you see what I mean ^^)

    I never do that but an exception must be to create a rule (in french : une expection confirme une règle) >>> high end Satellite or Qosmio with the less graphic power, are generally this kind of gear.

    Windows 8 Pro : people fear chane. Start screen sucks or not I don't care. It's fast, never crashes, is fast faster and even more indeed, it's just that you boot and a click on the Desktop tile is mandatory until Q4 8.1 formerly called Blue update.

    Said, wants to helps hate statements and reading this kind of affirmative / certain "shit" because it's always FALSE, to trust check and verify my long and controvertial praise of the rising Win declining OSX for (not all) music performing/sequencing/producing and recording.

    I'm sorry to habe been so "sure", it was not easy for me too but we regularly (twice a year excpet this one I'm too busy and Paris for holidays no thanks lol)

    Money matters ? Check my look like a Microsft/Toshiba business related dumbass writings ;-)

    You don't need to do budget and stuff ? Buy both : Mac is wonderful and I would love being able to grap a Macbook Pro NO retina until (I feel it's about to happen, i.e. the 17" model is dead, a shame, a bad thing and bad choice from them).

    I choose the german heavy copper and QA so strict they have to send and rebrand as "shop-exclusive brand" functional gears to Asia because of a "less than a detail & invisible or not a problem to worry little thing".

    Long, isn't it ? So I wish you sincerely to : be able to have the Holy bundle (notebook of the kind I got luckilly, expensive but a little less than Macs) OR : get after checking I'm silly or right, and stay with PCs. More important because Ableton runs better on Win8, clean install from an upgrade licence (a 7 or XP is mandatory to be installed before doing the ISO/USB bootable ready Win8 allowing clean installs with an upgrade path). Yes, Win8 is different. And it has ... say "flaws". It doesn't change that never Microsoft did better faster aned reliable, at the mandatory condition you don't are a computer and Windows ionstalling/optimizing noob.

    This long and painful for me to say "I KNOW ONE TRUTH > MINE" it's a hobby for stupid or mentally ill not under mental care people.

    Working in that M-care domain I should't answer like that trust me it's been hard here.

    Nevertheless I stay firm about Macs being not so good, particularly for Ableton. I see Logic as an Fl Studio grade for Apple gear. And I SAY for SURE and RIGHT that if you're not sueffering from cretinism or think just bad, not critical in clear words, like many not music making "buyers" knowing everything but doing anythiong, wanting to do everything but never will reach above the "wanna be" kind of thinking and self-evolving personnality...

    I know you will say "this silly bastard is right" is your choice and lack of lazyness makes you applie the check/go see gears in shops (nont online, too feeel weight quality and where it's designed built etc)

    The end.

    Joke lol.

    I forgot : any "bootcamp" related if discussing on doing music and more specifically using Ableton software and any semi to full-pro software is totally non-sense. True "the end" with warm regards ;-).


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    Was that a 'google translate' answer?

    Personally I use both mac (for live gigs) and PC (customised for studio/audio use)
    Both have their pro's and cons.
    The macbook pro use for live gigs has a 7200 rpm harddisk,good specs, and simply works great. Very stable.

    Live 9 seems to be causing trouble on my studio pc, running windows7. However, Ableton usually fixes these problems with updates.

    To keep it simple: this is not so much a question of which of the 2 is better, but more a matter of preference.
    Sure, macs are great, but very expensive.
    The customised windows pc i use in my studio has specs that no imac will come close to, for less money than a 'standard' imac, and has more options, more ports, more possibilities for upgrading/adjusting, etc.

    But compatibility of projects between mac and pc is tricky, so it takes some extra effort to use studio projects (pc) for a live gig (mac).

    Also, some of my favourite plugins are not available for mac, so that was a good reason to use a windows pc in my studio, since that is the main tool for my music making activities.

    To make a long story short:
    Buy whatever fits your needs. Ignore the everlasting discussion about which os is better, because it does not matter. What does matter is that you can make music with the tools you need, no matter what the os is.
    Macs work fine, but are expensive and lack upgrade and compatibility options.
    Windows will also work fine, but has different options, more freeware plugin options, etc.
    So it is simply a matter of choosing what works best for you.

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    No Google Tr. Here I saw one how "dangerous" it can be ; just french native having trouble with sketchy writing ;).

    Your answer is better than mine anyway. Thank you if you can help better than I can it stays the purpose here.

    Kind regards.

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