M4L devices visual parameter change delayed

It happens with m4l devices, but for example will explain this with instant haus device. When I try to change kick pattern on device, I can hear change immediately but to see it I must wait couple of seconds.

If I change kick pattern on push I can hear it , see it on push its changed, but device will never update visual to new pattern. Same is with all m4l  when I click on them I must wait couple seconds to see change, even if

First time I noticed this behavior was when I grouped it with CTRL-G, and created macros which acted this way, with no or delayed visual response.

Updated Live to 9.2, no change, updated m4l from 6 to 7 no change, deleted m4l user folders, edited host file no change, zoom at 100%. . 

Anyone familiar with this kind of m4l device behavior ?


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    After reinstalling live, max for live, upgrading to 9.2 , inspecting vsts i have, different options regarding zoom, reading  about graphic rendering,  .... was ready for complete reinstall of os and then going x64Live   .... and then i finally got it.  NEVER put/save max for live device in your default set...  Is there some workaround for this ? 

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