M-Audio Fast Track USB: Low/no input level

Hello guys!

I am trying to hook up a M-Audio Fast Track USB audio interface with a Windows PC but I can't get it working. The PC has enough RAM etc. and is running Windows 7 64 bit.

At the moment, my input source (guitar) is plugged into the Fast Track. The Fast Track interface is plugged via USB into the PC which has another soundcard installed. The output through the monitors have to be routed through that soundcard.

On the interface I set the input level to guitar. The mic input is on 7 o'clock (no gain) of course as I don't have any mic input.

I downloaded all drivers from the M-Audio site and installed them, in the system preferences the Interface is listed as "working correctly". Also in the system preferences, I barely get any signal. In my DAW I don't get any signal. So it seems like the signal is going into the PC but then something is wrong. 

There is one thing that may be the source for the problem: When I first got the interface, I directly plugged it in before installing the drivers. When I first tried to install them, It got a blue screen. The second attempt then succeeded without problems.

I think the main problem is that something in the windows preferences isn't set up correctly. It would be nice if anyone could tell what exactly to select.


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    I set up all audio settings following the HELP assistance of Ableton Live 9. However, the volume of the audio when I use a microphone via M-AUDIO M-TRACK it's VERY VERY LOW. Even if I turn the GAIN button at almost maximum, the volume of the audio its very low. I don't know what to do! 

    I have a AT3035 microphone and an M-AUDIO M-TRACK. 



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    My initial thought is that the input settings in Live are incorrect. Simply having the soundcard and everything hooked up, and even hearing the guitar doesn't mean Live is capturing it. You should check your Audio Preferences in Live and be sure that your Fast Track is selected as an Audio Input Device. You must then click "Input Configuration" and make sure that the correct inputs are enabled. Finally, you will select that input as the source of your audio in your Audio channel's I/O specification (Make sure the I/O section is visible, you can turn it on with the I/O button on the far right/middle of screen). Under  "Audio From," set the first selection to your Fast Track, and make sure that the correct sub channels are selected in the second selection box. I'm not familiar with your sound card, but if it has multiple inputs, you may have to change the second box from the default.



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