Looping "free" tempo recordings into project (at tempo)

Here's what I'd like to do:

1. Record a short loop without using the metronome (i.e. beatbox a drum pattern without concerning myself with tempo/click)

2. Set the in/out loop points of my new loop

3. Get Live to understand that this is now a loop of n-bars and have it synced/warped for use in my set.


Is there a better way than setting the first transient to 1.1.1, setting a "last transient" warp marker, and then stretching this to the appropriate loop end position? It seems like the sort of thing Live might do "auto-magically". 

Thanks! Nathan

note: I am *not* looking to match my global Live tempo to a recorded/imported clip.


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    It doesnot do that automatically, so you need to record it, stretch it to the correct bar length (warp) and save that setting (clip editor).
    After that you can load the loop into any project and it will adjust to the project tempo. But you will have to do some extra work, yes.

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