Looping an External MIDI Instrument - Routing Help

Hi there,

My question is in regard to using Live as a looper for external MIDI instruments (Analog synths, V-Drums, etc..). What I would like to achieve is to be able to bang out a beat on my external drum module and record it's MIDI data for immediate looping and playback, similar to how the Ableton Looper device loops audio, but in this case MIDI data. 

Here is the trouble I'm running into:

Using a Roland Handsonic HPD-20 as an example, I monitor its audio directly through my interface, and send its MIDI data into Live to record. If I set up an External Instrument track with MIDI From: Handsonic and MIDI To: Handsonic, when I manually trigger the pads of the Handsonic double triggers because Live is sending it's MIDI note data right back out. Once the clip is recorded the Handsonic continues to play the beat just fine.

How can I record these MIDI clips for immediate looping without double-triggering my external sound modules? Is there a basic routing concept or will I need to look to M4L or a  MIDI filter of some sort?

Thank you for your help!



TapedTogether 1 year ago | 0 comments

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