Looper - problem with playback

Hi guys,

I have an annoying problem with Looper. First things first - apart from the regular studio work I also use Ableton's Looper on stage, to loop my violin. Previously I used the RC-50 but long story short - I switched to Ableton entirely.

I successfully MIDI mapped the Line6 FBV Express to trigger the record/overdub/play button in the looper. Easy - no problems here.

Then I try to loop some music on the fly. I select 8 bars because I loop to my an external sequencer, which also has 8 bars predefined, and which sends MIDI messages to Ableton to set the tempo. The first take - no problem - everything works fine.

But when I overdub, the looper "skips back" the playback 4 bars and continues to playback normally. WHY?! I am going crazy here!

I am not sure if I make myself clear so I recorded this (without sound) and here's the link (the irritating thing happens at 1:00). Also - in this recording you will see that there is no EXT setting of the tempo by the sequencer. I disabled it thinking that this might be the problem. Well, it's not. Please help if you can.





grabek 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • grabek
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    Problem solved! My rookie mistake :)))

    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • aaronjamesandtheblackwater
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    What did you end up figuring out... I'm having some major issues with the looper as well... Upon playback of a single loop it jumps to random spots in the loop then back to the one... but it shows that there is the full amount of loops and actually skips within the play back... halp!

    9 months ago | 0 comments

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