Looper or Session View: how do I make song sections?



Just started using Ableton's Looper and it seems to work fine. Havent figured out though, how to make things flow after I record my 1st loop (say a bass line using my bass). So bass line #1 sits in Looper Track 1. To create a variation or other different bass line..... (without over dubbing on bass line#1).... u.....what can I do? Is my only option to drag bass line #1 into a clip in its track (Track 1) clear Looper and record a new loop?

The alternative, recording different variantios on various clips in the same track is, that since I play guitar and bass, I dont have the multipedal set up to trigger each clip (with my foot).

My goal is to have some flow in creating different sections or variations of the same instrument, ideally in the same track (but open to using other tracks though not ideal bc that may be too many tracks for one instrument.

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