Looper: non-behringer control pedals, and switching between looper tracks

A few things:


I went out and bought the Behringer fcb1010.  Right out of the box, I was a little worried about the build quality- especially after noticing that the footpedal that should have been labeled "3" was labeled "4"- as in the pedals went [1,2,4,4,5].

This isn't the biggest problem in the world, but combined with a couple hours of possibly the worst programming interface EVER, and the generally cheap, ready-to-fail-onstage feeling of the board, I quickly returned it.

If the quality control is so bad that they don't notice a large, totally obvious error on the front, it's hard not to think the same [complete lack of] quality control could be expected throughout the unit.  I'm sure some people won that roll of the dice, but why not reward a manufacturer who pays attention to quality with my business, right?

There are several units out there- I can't believe that there aren't people out there happily using something of better build quality.  It would be nice for Ableton to make a list of controllers that are supported or conform to spec.  The Roland controller looks great, but I read that you can not assign the patch number for the foot pedal.

It's a drag to have to buy something, spend hours on it figuring out how it works, only to have to pack it up and return it.

How about a list of supported controllers, Ableton?



One thing that would make life a lot easier for those of use who want to use multiple loops would be able to assign functions to a pedal [record, play, stop, reverse] and be able to switch tracks, but use the same buttons.

For instance, I have three tracks set up for looping.  Right now I have a Disaster Amps 6 button controller whose buttons are arranged like this:




I have it set up like this:

1) Multi-button (first tap record, second tap play, double tap stop) for track one

2) Multi-button (first tap record, second tap play, double tap stop) for track two

3) Master scene down

4) Clear track one

5) Clear track two

6) Master scene up


As you can see, this limits me to only two tracks of live looping.  I'd really like to get a third in there.  I was wondering if there was a "next looper" command that works like "master scene down" in session view.  That way I could set up my looper to go like this:



1) Multi-button (first tap record, second tap play, double tap stop active track)

2) Next loop (scrolling from track#1's looper to track#2's looper to track#3's looper to track#1's looper, etc, etc)

3) Master scene down

4) Clear active track

5) Reverse

6) Master scene up


I'm wondering if I could get this, plus octave up/down if I use a Ground Control pedal.  Anybody use one of those?




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    look into the Keith Mcmillen Softstep. 

    it is a very complex controller with a bit of a learning curve but it is the most diverse foot controller on the market.

    you can set up multiple banks that mirror the set up for each track then just bank between each track.

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