Looper de-activates automation after recording

In an audio track I want to automate the 'state' of Looper so that it 'record's 1 bar, stops, then 'play's the loop again 1 bar later and then stops again.

The problem is that after i 'record' the first loop, as soon as it hits the next automation, for example, 'play' (or 'stop')  the whole session DE-Enables Automation (button with left hand arrow turns red) and therefore all later automations in the track are ignored throughout playback.

It works fine if -while session is playing and after it de-enables automations- I manually 're-enable automations' after the first loop recording, however this defeats the purpose of being able to hands-free record loops while playing other instruments.

Is there a way to deactivate the "deactivation of automation" once a loop is recorded?

(please note that the number of bars is simply for example's sake. Any value gives the same result)



juanneco 2 years ago | 0 comments

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