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I am running ableton live 9 suite and looping vocals using looper, the looper sometimes changes the tempo of my project.  The tempo control is on follow song tempo, song control is on start song and quantization is on 4 bars.

What could be changing the tempo of the song?


When I press record on the looper sometimes it comes in straight away other times it comes in at random times, is this to do with what bar it is on in the session ?

New to ableton, just learning it to play with vocal effects live.




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  • polar_bear
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    I don't have any answers but I've experienced similar bizarre behavior with the looper, where it is set to "follow song tempo" and quantize is on global, with global set to 1/8th or 1/4 or 1/2 note, and it will at random times (not always) decide to resample/warp the loop to a new tempo and pitch. Last weekend it even started randomly cutting out while recording a long loop of 16 bars or so (it would display red / "recording" until about bar 8 or 10, then just suddenly go black and cease to record, and would have no audio stored in the loop, as if I never pushed record.) When that happened, I could get around it by recording to a clip instead, but of course you can't overdub on clips, so it's frustrating to not be able to use the looper. In the same session, another instance of looper with identical settings worked flawlessly for a shorter loop.

    It seems there is some mysterious force in the universe sending supreme midi clock information to Ableton's looper plug-ins...sometimes. They behave (sometimes) like they are trying to sync to some other unseen, imaginary tempo coming from who knows where. It happened both when I was sync'ing to external midi clock AND when I disconnected the external midi USB cable from the computer and turned off external sync.

    On my other laptop, no problems, ever. I've scoured all the settings and the forums and have absolutely no idea what on earth could be causing this.

    Any ideas? Anyone?

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  • monkey69
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    looper is dead to me. randomly works, then cacks out. Honestly I would say do not buy Ableton if you intend to use Looper. It just doesn't work

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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