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Iam a french electro-dubstep & hip hop producer using OF COURSE Ableton.

You can have a look on my work right there :

- http://snd.sc/16rCYT4

- http://snd.sc/YEA5xD

I would like to improve my skills therefore Iam currently looking for courses during this summer (August).

Ideally I'd like to find courses during one or two weeks in NY, London or Berlin.

Iam already in contact with Point Blank and Dubspot but this kind of formula doesn't seems to be very popular.

Do you have any idea of great school offering this kind of sessions ?





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  • ra78
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    Hi, David.

    I've graduated from Keith Mills / Quantizecourses.com / London 8 week course last year, and I'm VERY satisfied with it.  Not all the things are implemented by me in my productions yet, but Keith got a system and he is very talented tutor.

    That's my graduation works: https://soundcloud.com/ra78

    You may read his full program here: 


    Regards from Kiev,


    P.S. He got both online and in-studio courses.

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