Looking for a good foot pedal controller

I've been throwing around the idea of incorporating a midi foot pedal controller with Ableton and was hoping someone out there has a recommendation. I'm picturing multiple assignable buttons to launch scenes, clips, scroll through scenes, track (clip) stop. I suppose if it had an expression-like variable pedal I could use it for effects or tempo so that would be a bonus. If it is not designed with Ableon in mind I'm wondering how practical and/or useful it would be to use. This is simply for singing with friends probably where I can flip between verse, chorus etc to have some variable accompaniment but it would be cool to capture ideas with a guitar or vocal as well in other projects. I don't need it fancy per se but maybe that's the only way to get the features.

Thanks for any suggestions!


nhradio 2 years ago | 0 comments

2 answers

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