locking and or limiting track faders? to eliminate master track clipping

Is there a way in live, or some plug in, to lock in place, or restrict movement of track volume faders?   I have a great mix going, but if I increase the volume of ANYTHING, I will then overload and clip the master channel?   Im concerned about adjusting volumes on the fly during performance and throwing everything out of whack and overloading the master.      If I could restrict the faders from going any louder than I currently have set, then I will never be able to cross the threshold  into clipping the master channel.  But I could still adjust volumes to change the mix balance by only using gain reduction.


Seems like a pro dj may have some advice or techniques

Thanks Ableton community!!



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  • kspssd
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    What I do is...

    select  MIDI in the upper right of the screen.

    A MIDI Mappings windows opens at the left side of the screen.

    Expand that window (drag right edge) to show the column names across the top.

    Channel l Path l Name l Note/Control l MIN l MAX.

    MiIN MAX is where you can slide the values up and down to "restrict" How high/low the Volume sliders will travel. 

    They can all be set to different values. I usually set them to O db.

    *** IF you have in fact mapped  a Volume slider to a physical controller.***

    I hope I understood your question correctly.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Using a limiter on the master track might also help.

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  • Stefan Jantschek
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    ...that´s one reason why "Utility" is made.

    1. Drag "Utility" as the last Device in every Channel you might (Volume)change during Performance.
    2. Remember the dB-Value of your Channel-Fader when your Mix is done and transfer that Value to the Gain of "Utility".
    3. Set all involved Channel-Faders to 0 dB.
    4. Map your Volume-Midi-Controllers to a Maximum of 0dB for your Channel-Faders.

    Now you can instantly recall your Mix just by setting all  Faders to 0 dB.

    If you want to level your Mix again, do it by changing UTILITY GAIN instead

    of Channel-Volumes.

    Hope that helps...;-)


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  • scottiedo
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    You can mess with special APC40 scripts and stuff. MIDI mapping all your faders removes the ability to navigate your set with more than 8 tracks and have your faders focus on the selected tracks.

    Why don't you simply put the Utility device on each track and set it's gain to -6. Going to +6 with the fader will bring the tracks gain to unity once again. Should easily work on the master track as well.



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