Lock everything to Time when automating tempo

As it stands now, doing any changes to a project's tempo shifts clip positions, markers, and affects midi performances' tempi.

I tend to work without a tempo/metronome (live off the cuff performances) and then want to tempo match later using tempo automation/warp master editing.

Is there a workaround so that when editing tempo automation, markers stay locked to time, midi performances don't speed up or slow down, spliced up audio or midi clips don't move around in time, etc...?

If I set up an arrangement view's markers, cut up audio clips into specific arrangements, etc.. before I automate the master tempo to match the audio arrangement, everything goes completely out of sync.

I have 2 issues with tempo automation:

1. Tempo automation changes affects clip positions and arrangement view marker positions. The only current solution I know of is to work with full length consolidated clips while there's nothing to be done about marker positions which seem locked to the tempo grid.

2. Tempo automation changes messes up midi performances. If a project contains any midi tracks, they need to be consolidated to warped audio tracks before any tempo mapping can be done, greatly limiting the advantages of working with midi.

Anyone know of a way to automate tempo to only affect the tempo grid while keeping everything else time-locked?


Thank you

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  • Emil Balle
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    Been looking for this - I would also like to know how to change master tempo, and have both midi and automations follow the new tempo, instead of being stuck at the original tempo.



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