Locating Custom Drum Racks with PUSH

With the recent addition of PUSH to my workflow, I am moving over to utilizing ableton's drum racks so I can use the drum pads / loop / step sequencer, but with my custom kits. 

I've been using NIs Battery4 to throw together custom kits with the battery samples, but I want these same samples on ableton's drum racks.

To test this out, I located the samples from NIs folder, and dropped them in an empty drum rack, got it all setup how I'd like, and then clicked the save icon on the drum rack, it puts it in the USER LIBRARY > PRESETS > INSTRUMENTS > DRUM RACKS

When Add Track > Browsing on PUSH, I'd love to get my custom kits to show up under "DRUM RACKS"
and not have to scroll all the way down to PLACES > USER LIBRARY > PRESETS > INSTRUMENTS > DRUM RACKS every single time


I'm sure this has an obvious answer, and I hope this makes sense to those familiar with Live's organization and PUSH's browse view.

Please point me in the direction of a thread if this has already be answered.




glryfdz 4 years ago | 0 comments

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