Loading presets via program change disables clip automation

I have the following problem with Audio Unit instruments: when I load presets using the bank select and program change properties of an ableton clip, automation for this clip gets disabled. I can reproduce this e.g. with TAL Bassline and Zebra2.

My hypothesis is:

1) Clip launches

2) Clip sends bank select and program change to plugin

3) Plugin loads preset, therefore triggering a change in many parameters

4) This change is interpreted by Live as a manual change. Therefore, automation is disabled.

This is a major bummer since you cannot combine preset loading and automation.

Any ideas for workarounds?


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  • wackazong
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    I found a workaround with a Max For Live device which watches the status of the re-enable automation button and uses it if available. 

    Found original device here: https://cycling74.com/forums/topic/re-enable-automation-turning-on-randomly/

    Added device to maxforlive.com: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/3345/automatically-re-enable-automation, maybe the number of downloads gives some indication of the need to solve this problem for good :)

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  • wackazong
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    Can be downloaded now at http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/3351/fgc-reenableautomation from the original author.

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  • gustavo bravetti
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    I know... a bit late but better later than never.

    A way to combine effectively preste change with automation is to use two clips. One with the PGM change and a second clip with the automation. So the key here to success is to use two features: Follow Actions to automate the clip change, and Legato to have a quick and seamless change.

    The idea is to set a Follow Action on the PGM clip to jump the the next clip ASAP, this is 0.0.1.

    Then the next clip need to have Quantization launch set to 1/16 and the most important Legato turned on.

    This way the first clip will load the program change and 1/16 later will launch the next clip re enabling automation. Because Legato is turned on for the next clip, it won't start from 1.1.1, instead it will start from 1.1.2, getting in perfect sync. 

    So at worst you will lost the first 1/16 automation for that clip, then after that it will be fully automated.

    Have a nice automation!



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