Live Suite 9.7.5 - 4K Monitor - Windows start flickering when Ableton is running


just upgraded to a brand new PC  GTX 1050 Graphics and AMD Ryzen CPU.

With an Full HD Monitor there was no issue so far, switched now to an 4k Monitor and use the 125% and Hi DPI Setting to operate Live as it should be on a 4 K Monitor.

When I am running Live 9.7.5 after some minutes the Drop Down Menus and every Window in Windows starts to flicker - see the video.

When I close LIVE then the flickering is gone immediately, this does not happen with any other application on my PC.

Already updated to the current Graphics Driver tried to close other Apps running in background etc.

This is happening just with LIVE I already tested it some weeks, so the issue is happening only when live is running and stops when live is closed. As said this comes after some minutes, sometimes later sometimes faster.

Any Ideas what can help here? as I do not want to switch back from the 4K Screen to Full HD.

Thank you for help
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