Live (standard) + Tremor + APC40 MKII: rack configuration question


this question regards using tremor within ableton LIVE (standard) which is being controlled by an APC40 MkII.

i'm creating a rack instrument for the tremor plug-in. so far i've got it set up to use the VST version of tremor, but i don't have to stick to that if AU would be better.

i have the rack somewhat configured -- chains are set up, outputs are producing audio, etc.
now i'd like to map a way to control the channel mutes for each engine.

while i reckon there are probably a few options for this, i just can't get my mind around the best way to go about it; indeed i can't get it to work at all (yet).

i'm not even sure whether this action is something that should or should not be directly assigned to the APC or not. i could see it going either way. simply assigning a macro in the Live rack would be enough to do the trick (the APC could then address the macro...)

but i've encountered quite a bit of difficulty with the CONFIGURE function of Live's instrument rack in the case of tremor; i can't seem to get any of Tremor's parameters to recognized there. (...i mean, not yet!)

if any of you masterminds are using tremor with live, all suggestions would be very much appreciated!


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otalgia99 1 year ago | 1 comment

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