Live sets & Projects (Former Pro Tools user).

I just got Ableton Live Suite. I've been watching a few tutorials and read the manual.  So far, the only thing I'm having problems getting my head around, is how Live deals with projects. So, there's Live Sets, Live Projects and something called Live Clips mentioned in the "Managing files and Sets" chapter in the manual.

In Pro Tools, (and Logic for that matter) one would simply decide where to store projects, and then Pro Tools will create a folder containing everything you do (related to that project), within said folder and the folder will update every time you save.  

What is the difference between Live Sets, Live Projects and Live Clips? Any suggestions as to how a former Pro Tools user would set up Live to behave in a similar way when it comes to saving projects?


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    The hierarchy is something like:

    1. Live Projects
    2. Live Sets
    3. Clips

    Clips are the foundational elements that can be shared and used across your projects and sets. Live sets (.als files), are kind of like snapshots of your work or perhaps a version of a recording session. You can have multiple versions or sets per project. Sometimes I will do all aspects of a production and only use a single  set. Other times I will use  a set for basic recordings, another for mixing (sometimes multiple versions), and another still mastering. This is possible because the multiple sets will share the same sample folder in the Live Project. 

    I like to do intensive sound design (pads, bass, drums, whatever), group the tracks (highlight each one and command G). Click the title/header of the group and drag it into the browser. It creates a new .als for the group inside the project folder. I can then resample the audio of the grouped tracks and remove them from the session, which frees up a ton of CPU and also allows additional editing with the new audio track.

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