Live runs out of memory quickly with high resolution displays on OS X

I wanted to report a bug, but as it seems that us poor users of the Lite version don't have any way to contact support, I'll leave it here:

I'm running Live Lite 9.6.2 on OS X 10.11.6 and it runs out of memory and crashes quite quickly after adding just a few audio clips. The Activity Monitor won't show a high memory usage, but a closer look using the Process Inspection or a 'ps' from the command line will.

I've noticed that the memory usage is related to the resolution of the display, making almost impossible to use Live in a 4k monitor at native resolution, let alone at high-res scaled retina resolutions (as they work internally at twice the vertical and twice the horizontal resolution).

Just after loading Live at a retina resolution of 2560x1440 a 'ps ux' already shows 1.5GB of virtual memory and almost 700MB of resident memory used:

78433   5.3  2.1  1586276 691308   ??  S    10:21pm   0:03.31 /Applications/Ableton Live 9

and after adding just 16 short audio clips the usage rises to 2.6GB virtual/1.7GB resident:

78433   6.1  5.1  2595232 1698412   ??  S    10:21pm   0:12.68 /Applications/Ableton Live 9

Doing the same thing at a retina 1920x1080 resolution reduces the memory usage:

78516   4.8  1.5  1375260 512116   ??  S    10:33pm   0:03.26 /Applications/Ableton Live 9

78516   5.0  2.9  1853852 978564   ??  S    10:33pm   0:07.91 /Applications/Ableton Live 9

When doing the same at a native 1600x900 the memory usage is at the level that you would actually expect:

78577   4.2  1.0  1183432 332704   ??  S    10:36pm   0:02.92 /Applications/Ableton Live 9

78577   5.0  1.2  1269672 418044   ??  S    10:36pm   0:06.18 /Applications/Ableton Live 9

only 1.25GB virtual and 420MB resident.

Another thing that I've noticed is that saving the project, restarting Live and reloading the project uses significantly less memory (although still high) than adding the same clips manually. 

I've also tried with Live Lite 9.5 and the same thing happens. 


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