Live Recording with Pre-Sequenced Empty Loops?

I have some music that I'd like to perform live. The songs are more pop/industrial than techno. What I'd like to do is map out on the Arrangement View where Guitar Riff A goes throughout the song, however those samples are all empty.

When playing live, the very first instance of Guitar Riff A is played on the fly and it is immediately duplicated and inserted inside of the empty samples that are already mapped out on the grid.

Is this possible?

Here is a crappy image which might visually show what I am seeking:



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  • dozz
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    I think this  is doable in session view. You could make scenes from arrangement view, setup follow actions , arm tracks which needs to record, and record your stuff on the fly.

    p.s. didn't notice auto-populate word.. but then again i think is doable using follow actions. 

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