Live plays very short notes from all synths when in Slave mode

Hi there,

So I need to have Live synced to my ERM Midiclock along with the rest of my external instruments. Everything works fine until I put Live in to Slave mode (EXT on) and when I press a note on Push 2 to play a note on any of my external or internal synths, all I get is a very short low note. When I turn off Slave mode or Live is on Play mode, I can press notes and hear the full long sounds generated by my synths until the note is released.

What does this mean?



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    So it has been mentioned in another forum that the reason for this is because Live has been this way since the beginning. It will always clip midi notes when pressed, if its on slave mode and its not playing. 

    What is the purpose of this inconvenience? Why does one have to keep shifting between EXT on/off when designing sounds on both internal and external synthesizers? 

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