Live louder than Logic?

Hey guys

No doubt you've discussed this countless times before.

I'm a ProTools engineer of 13 years and also Logic of more than that, most of  my EDM has been produced in logic.

Seems every time I hear a track that booms the hell out of my speakers I do research on them and they're using Ableton all in the box. Even my work experience kid played me a track off his Laptop with so much bottom end and a thumping kick that I sat imprisoned in my own head dumb founded. Was his sound beginners luck? I've laboured many hours trying to get thick kicks and what not with all the coolest plug ins, but evertime I hear something that stands out Ableton seems to be behind it.

Now I dont know what to think, it's as if my ears are playing tricks on me.... does Logic sound as good as Ableton with less effort, for the life of me I can't work out whats wrong with the equation. I've produced for Sony, Universal and plenty of labels so I'm not a complete ride off in the engineering department, but dangggg, this kids on Ableton are scaring me.

Anyone find Logic distorts easier than Logic, all my mix downs inlogic sound shit hot until I compare it to some kid on a laptop with ableton.

Like banging my head against a brick wall..... to the beat of course.


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  • royevans
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    I can't answer this but would be fascinated to find out the reason (pun not intentional) behind it!!

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    It may just be that you are not mixing with the proper tools in Logic or Ableton. I could not imagine a summing algorithm being excessively different such that one is better than another. It is possible to set headrooms in Logic, which this may be why you are experiencing lower than "normal" volume, or perhaps they got their stuff professionally mixed. However, it may just be that they used their mixing tools a little better than you did. What kind of "EDM stuff" do you make and what are you comparing it to?

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  • marcoporras
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    maybe it can be something with the algorithms of programs. there are some that have better response at certain frequencies than others.

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  • Suade
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    Well, speaking as a mastering engineer who's used both Live and Logic for many years I'd say that it isn't as simple as one being louder than the other. It's more down to how they're being used. To be honest I think the reason you're finding so many 'kids' producing loud tracks using Ableton is that it's a more popular piece of software with people who want their music loud. 


    In any case it's going to be easy for you to test out yourself. Just get hold of a demo of Live and make a track - if it helps you get the results you want better then buy the program!

    Going forward I'd recommend it to you as a move anyway as Apple seem to edging away from the pro market and future development for Logic is  less certain whereas the Ableton camp is growing stronger. 


    Oh, and of course when you want it louder, send it to a proper mastering house. :-)

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