live looping of real drums and guitar


I'm relatively new here and have a question about how to include loops of real instruments which I play live.

I have the ableton push and my goal is it to do DJ-Gigs at which I sometimes also play the guitar and the drums. I don't know which hardware I need for this. I want to have to possibility to play hand-drums, synths and stuff on the push but then quickly switch to my drumset, guitar or even my second midi-keyboard. I also want to do djing tracks in it (for this I need two different clips in session view).

So my dream is it to have two dj tracks, where I put whole songs in it. Then probably a track for live drumming and another for live guitar playing. And another one for loops or stuff like that. I will record my real drumset with four mics. Is it possible to put all mics in one track to mix them? Or do I have to make different tracks?

Because of the fact that I don't want to change things on the push all the time, I need a mixer and a audio interface. With the mixer I want to control the different tracks. I don't want to just put the mics of the drumset into the mixer, I want the "live" really records and loops the stuff that I play. Which hardware (interface, mixer or even both in one) is good for this?

And I also want to do some "momantary fx - stuff" with vinyl.


I hope you understand what I try to say





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    Sure would like to see some activity on these very relevant, innovative questions.  



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    Still no answers?

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