Live Lite 8 messing up audio

Hello all,

I use Live Lite 8 to record voice-overs for commentaries on videos.

However, after about 6-10 minutes, the audio will get very messed up and will eventually begin to skip.


The problem is not with my mic; FRAPS will record perfectly with no problem for an extended period of time, but only in mono, so I must use Live lite.

I have attempted using many different sample rates, but nothing solves the problem. I've also tried using ASIO as well (ASIO4all) however it mutes all other sound when I am recording audio in Live Lite (not a good thing when you are trying to do a live commentary).

System Specs:

Intel i7 2600 @ 3.2 GHz 3.8 GHz Max Turbo, 8 GB 1333 MHz RAM, 1.5 TB 5600 RPM SATA II HDD, ATI Radeon HD 6770, Realtek 8 channel audio chipset (in-built)

The system is a Dell XPS - I can't remember the exact model number though.


Any help is appreciated.


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  • ronmordoch
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    I need to record footage on-computer, not with another device.

    Like I said before, ASIO4ALL mutes all system sounds when I record, so I can't use it because I need to hear the game sounds while I am doing the commentary.

    Also, I'm not syncing video in Live, just recording audio while also recording video with another program, then syncing it up later.

    If you would, please go through my entire post so you can get all the details of my problem.

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  • cygnal
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    Help yourself first by posting your system spec, eg. sound card type, computer type, amount of memory, processor speed :)

    It sounds like your computer is struggling for some reason. Live should work on average laptops, even with built-in soundcards. The best choice is ASIO4ALL, if you don't have a dedicated soundcard.

    If you are syncing to video in Live, that may take up resources. Try recording audio with video coming from another machine, eg. mobile phone, and then syncing it up later.

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