Live 9 will not authenticate.

So I purchased Live 8 and just got my Live 9 update.  Downloaded, installed, but then when I go to authenticate, it keeps wanting to open and reauthenticate my version 8 instead of 9.  If I disable the live 8 (by renaming the .exe file) it says it appears that I have not yet installed the software.  How can I get this newer version to authenticate?  Is this a known issue?


randycolby 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • kinny Ableton staff
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    Firefox sometimes has issues with selecting the right software to open for an authorization request.

    Please try to make another browser (like Google Chrome) your standard browser for now and click the "Authorize with" button in the software again. Alternatively you can copy/paste the URL that was opened by Live into another browser.

    Then you might need to login into your account but the authorization will proceed after that.

    You can also try to authorize offline.

    1 year ago | 2 comments
  • dr. motte
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    the srvr had 2 much trafique. switch of all privacy plugins, like noscript ghostery adblock plus & such in your browser will do...

    1 year ago | 3 comments
  • Rob..
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    I had a problem to authenticate Live 9 on a mac os x version 10.8.2 and I had to goto

    system preferences

    security & privacy

    then click allow applications downloaded from anywhere.

    And make sure you are log into your Ableton account then authenticate 

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  • CheeseGod
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    I can't authorize/authenticate mine either.  I bought the Live 8 with the free upgrade to 9 and when I go to the web page to select the license to authorize (as per the instructions from ableton) the licenses show but there is no way to authorize it.  I don't get this. 

    1 year ago | 1 comment

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