Live 9 MIDI Mapping Scope

OK, so I've been trying a few things out (Live 9) with MIDI mapping trying to kind of emulate a behaviour similar to that which you get from Novation's Automap. 

There seems to be two distinct types of scope for MIDI mapping in Live, global and track-level. 

For example, if you map a MIDI controller to, say, the cut-off frequency of a Filter that's assigned to a track, the controller will modify that parameter regardless of which track is 'active' (currently selected). However, if you map a MIDI controller to, say, the pitch of a sample assigned to a track/slot, the assigned controller will modify the pitch of the sample assigned a different track depending on which track is currently in focus. 

Is this a defined behaviour and if so does anyone know which parameters are track focus dependent and which would be treated as 'global' assignments? 

I've not figured it out from reading so far but I continue to do so....


neilbaldwin 5 years ago | 0 comments

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