Live 9 browser show now max devices ?

Hi, max devices browser menue for Maxdevices are not listet a max device.....its empty..
my libary 8 is in the browser list and I can find and load my max devices manuel.
But the Max menue point is empty ....
live suite 9 max devices not there ?
max 6 is installed and live suite 9 ..

Mfg S.R.


S.Rueckwardt 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • S.Rueckwardt
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    The install file was pretty small and I checked the side for content .... I download all my pack from the Ableton side...
    The new browser wil not corect work..
    Under places I aded my live 8 libary or sound file content but und categories the browser show no fles ..only the installed new max devices are to find under max devices..
    The instruments or audio efects there showen in the browser under categories comes only from the new corelibary..
    I see it on the content..a lot of devices audio efects or drumracks will not exists under 9categories ..
    Samples or clips the same..
    Hot swap function will not even work !,..
    I dont know windos index funtion must be change or soo'' bur'..thx for answerr....
    Wfg S.R.

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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