Live 9 64 bit Index runs high CPU and doesn't close but does with 32 bit version

I've been struggling with inconsistent indexing for about 4 months now. From the browser I'm unable to see the nested projects or open them. I can open the set from "Recent Sets" or from the Windows File Manager. I'm using 9.1.4 64 bit on a hefty laptop (32Gb RAM, i7 Quad Core and SSD HD).

I also notice that Ableton Indexer is running at about 14-17% all the time. This includes after I shut my Ableton session down. It will run all the time irrespective of Ableton being exited. 

I've installed the 32  bit version to see if there is a difference and the difference is significant. For one thing, the CPU hits about 11% for a moment and then goes to 0.1%. I have no indexing problems and when I quit my Ableton session the Indexer closes at the same time. That's the behaviour I would expect.

I don't have GB's of files or samples. About 300mb. The sets I load can be a little lumpy - at around 13mb to 25mb. If the 32 bit version is fine then I know its nothing to do with my file system or PC setup - it's definitely something wrong with the 64 bit version over 32 bit. 

When I have time I will be reverting to the 32bit version. 

Has anyone else come across   similar problem?

Thanks, Paul.


pb125770 3 years ago | 0 comments

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