Live 9.6.2 Update with a bug inside?

Hello to all.

After updating to 9.6.2. Push 2 does not connect to Live. Live title bar keeps on blinking when powering on Push 2 and Live cannot be operated. Live returns to normal when Push 2 is powered off. Push 2 only shows the diplay logo when powered on.

After updating to 9.6.2 when I want to 'get support' (from the helpmenu) there appears an error message displaying that there is an input/output error preventing an ableton statusreport. In my username appears a non standard character.

I mailed the support from Ableton, but they have not yet found a solution. I turned my computer and hardware and software inside out and upside down. I could not detect any problem. My username is correct exept in this download from ableton.

All my midi connections in Live are correct. Push 2 is correct connected to my WIN 10 PC with the apropiate drivers.

All my other hard and software stuff is connected and functioning well (Native Instruments, Cubase).

I have never had such a problem before. When switching back to Live 9.6.1 all is functioning well again.

Can somebody shine a light on this situation please.



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    Hello fellow abletoners. Thank you for all the nice respondings to my problem.

    In contact with ableton support my problem is a real bug consisting within 9.6.2

    I used the beta version 9.7 and everything is working fine again. The updated build push2

    works also fine with 9.6.1.

    However the problems with 9.6.2 still exist. I understand from support that this problem has not been solved yet.

    With all my Love for all ....... be happy.

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