Live 9 32-bit 9.04 Windows 8 - Instrument Racks/Channels won't accept plugins dropped in

Have run into this a couple of times since upgrading to 9.04


1. I had a Max For Live Effect on a MIDI track after NI Battery.

2. I grouped the Max for live effect, so I had an effect rack with that one plugin.

3. I create a new chain in the audio effect rack.

4. I select the original chain with the M4L effect.

5. I try and drag a glue compressor after the M4L effect in it's chain. I get the '+' cursor and it looks like it drops but it isn't added.

I've run into similar situations with effect racks, and sometimes I can make it work by adding effects in a different order...

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chaircrusher 5 years ago | 0 comments

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