Live 8: Remapping a constant controller

I just bought's "The Trombone", but it must use an expression pedal set to #CC11 (it can't be reset to a different controller). I'm playing it with my Fantom G7 and had to remap a pedal from CC03.
Since 11 controls volume, now all my instruments in Live that are played with my G7 are also being affected by this...very bad! (Not to mention it also is mucking with my Fantom G7 instruments.) Further, the developers disabled access to Kontakt's editing functions for this instrument (almost was a deal-breaker!).
So, is it possible to stop CC11 from affecting the volume of individual instruments in Live (both Kontakt and Live instruments)? Even better, can I remap 11 to a different CC # on an instrument-by-instrument basis (as opposed to globally)? 
At the moment, only thing I can think of is to switch the expr. pedal back to 03 when I'm not using the trombone, but that would be awkward in a live performance situation.

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mduke 4 years ago | 0 comments

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