Help connecting keyboard to ableton live 8?

I just bought a Oxygen 25 Keyboad for ableton live 8 and I am experiencing problems connecting the two. My laptop recgonizes Oxygen 25 but Ableton doesnt. I did get it to work a little but I had to restart the computer so I dont know how to connect it again. Help please.


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  • mxvinicius
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    My friend using Live Lite 9 is possible map individually keys on my Oxygen 25 to play each clip on a template? I'm trying selecting the play button on the master column and pressing Advanced + CtrlSelect + The key I want. Or directly the clip I want to play and attributing a key on the key board but it is not running. When I press (>) play on the keyboard it starts general sounds I selected before. 

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  • patriots10
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    I have had the same problem. Open live, go into options, go into preferences, go into MIDI sync, go over to control surface and find Oxygen 3rd generation and then in the input and output set it to Oxygen 25. On the output and input make sure the track is on.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Did you select the correct midi controller in Live's preferences? More info can be found in the manual. Should work after that.

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