Live 8 Application window?


I am a first time ableton user, and I`m about to install it. 

In the pdf guide, it says, that to install the live packs, I have to drag them from the DVD, to Live`s application window..

But where is that???

Do they mean the file browser window to the left? , or should I press file browser 3, Pick Live 8,2,7  , and then move the packs in to applications? 






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  • xavbrooke
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    I was baffled by this when I first started out.  I don't know how Macs do it, but on a PC I have it so I can see Windows Explorer and Ableton simultaneously.  I select the live pack / project that I want and drag it onto the Ableton window and drop it on the file browser on the left hand side of the ableton window.  Having said that I thionk you can dump the file anywhere on the Ableton window and like magic it adds it to your Ableton library - once it has unpacked it and loaded it in, you will find it under 'library' in the Ableton file browser.

    Hope that helps.

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  • gaston4kd
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    After a clean installation of Live 8 32 bit on Windows 8 32 bits the software never starts... Im using a Brand new machine with 2GB ram... any help welcome...

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