Live 8 Akai Professional APC Edition - No sound from library sounds

Hey, I bought the AKAI APC40 from Ableton and the live software which was included

doesn't work well for me.

I have no sound I mean I can't play any sounds from the library only my sounds other drums not these which are included in the live library.

I wonder if I made something wrong I recorded it because I'm not that good at explaining.

Video of the issue:

Also I wanted to ask if that is the live lite version I use, if yes where can I upgrade to live 8 or 9 ( when it comes out )?

My live version:

because I think I can't play the sounds from the library because lite is something like a demo version of live 8.

I'd appreciate your help thanks for your time.

Also how can I use the Device Control? 1-8?

They don't light up on my APC40.


$ascha 5 years ago | 0 comments

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