Live 8.4.2 + Yosemite, midi sync issue

Hello guys,
I'm facing huge problems with midi sync. This is my setup:
- Live masterclock, sending sync via midi to:
a) Elektron, which has its own sequencer
b) xoxbox, which has its own sequencer

Motu Ultralite as soundcard (Firewire)

Motu Micro Lite (connected directly to the MacBookPro)

Using a MacBook Pro 2.5GHz Dual-core Intel i5

Everything is more or less in sync (variation +/- 0.1 bpm), until I do not decide to play a midi clip: as soon as a midi clip is played, midi sync sent by Live oscillates +/- 20-25 bpm in both Elektron and xoxbox

I did other tests like:
-Elektron as master
-Live slaved and sending sync to xoxbox.
Also here everything is fine until I do not play any midi clip, then large sync variation starts in the xoxbox (but not in the elektron or in Live)

What could be the reason for it?
What interaction is there between midi clip and sync? It does not allow me to work..

Thank you in advance!

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