Linking 2 Simpler Instances

Hey there! :-D

Is there a way to link two instances of simpler together, let's say in a Master/Slave scenario? Where Simpler 1 is controlled and Simpler 2 receives the exact same setting, including the samples?

What I want to achieve is having two simplers with the identical samples loaded and identical settings, but one of them can be modified on the fly - for example the pitch - while the second instance remains it's standard pitch... Does this make any sense what I am trying to explain? :-D

Thanks for your help!


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    If I understand you right you can easily do this by duplicating the current simpler track ( right-click track header -> duplicate ), arming both tracks ( press "cmd" on mac or "ctrl" on Windows when clicking the track arm button ) and you could even set the 2nd simpler track to receive MIDI from the first simpler track. Make sure the "i-o" button right next to the master track is activated for that. 

    Now you should have your desired workflow, where you can play 2 exact same simplers at the same time, but your manipulations will only affect one of them. 

    Hope this helps, 


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