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I have an empty clip that I'm using as a rest. I want the rest to be a varying number of beats, but I want that number to be limited within a given range - i.e., 1-3 beats, but NOT more. Is that possible? Another way of saying it is that I want to repeat a clip with a  pseudo-random selection BETWEEN x and y (i.e., 1-3, 4-8, etc.). I don't see any way of doing this in Live 6, but perhaps it's possible in Live 8? If so, I'll probably upgrade...

I can imagine that it would be possible to have "rest clips", of different lengths, then choose the clips randomly WITHOUT repeating them. But that seems like a kludge. 

Any thoughts?



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  • Carlosnik
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    Have you thought of the idea of making longer Midi Clips with Blank notes between Bars, in order to integrate that pseudo feeling of resting sounds?

    If you choose LEGATO option, the random follow action mode with complete a whole cycle between clips and it wont start over and over again on every clip.

    This is really good to get a nice variation.


    Anyway, you should take a look into the Probability Buttons below the Actions. 1 means it always will happend. 0 Means, never happend.  Between 1 and 999, you have a probability variation. You can play with those to get a really nice human variation.

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  • jbm
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    Thanks for the reply.

    In this particular case, I want a varying amount of "rest" time. Using longer clips with composed rests won't do the trick (since the rests are set in the clip). Unfortunately, with the randomness function, you can't really limit the number of times a clip will "play again", since the probability doesn't actually *change* with each repetition. That is, if I set a probability of [1:1] for [Play Again:Next], it *always* has a coin-toss probability of repeating. So, it could repeat once, or it could repeat 10 times; there's no way of knowing, since there's no accounting for prior probability (at least, I don't think there is... unless the algorithm does something tricky under the hood). So, in my experimentation with it, if I set the probability of repetition low, then I often get too few repetitions, and if I set it high, I get long periods of rests, which really don't work in this context.

    Too bad... I guess I'll have to take the route of creating different durations of "rest clips" and then selecting from them randomly. That should do what I want. It just seems kludgy, to me...

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