Library Kick sample slices appears to be gone.

I was working on a remix a few nights ago and found my kick playing they whole sample as opposed to the slice I wanted.  I'm assuming that the slices cleared somehow.  It was the 808 kick from the library.  What's the best way of resolving this issue? 

It is being triggered by impulse and when it plays it sounds like multiple kick hits.

I appreciate any answers regarding this issue.  I want to get this remix done before more time passes or it is going to sound silly in my set.




JoeMaday 6 years ago | 0 comments

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    A lot of samples come with multiple hits in one sound file. If you were using Simpler/Sampler in a drum rack you'd control which hit played by setting the start and end points on the waveform.

    You mentioned you're using Impulse so that's not an option. You can however reduce the decay of the kick drum so that it never gets to play the next hit. Use the start knob to fine tune where the sample plays from in case it's not quite hitting the spot.

    Alternatively, find another kick sample and just drag it onto Impulse - it might even sound better. Hope this helps you get your remix done!

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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