launchpad missing


when i load Live  , Launchpad is not working.

it is working for a quick second , like a blink , i can see the Grid and the LP buttons are lit , and then its stuck , the grid is not showing , only the cursors on the lp are lit , and no button is working , or doin anything.

when i go to Options , and Midi , and  Deactivate Midi In , under launchpad , (LPC)

the grid is coming back , and if i Reactivate it i can get back to work and seems like everything is working ok.


i add a picture , one is loading state and the other is midi fix stat.


i use Live 9.0.2 latest version 64Bit on windows 8 64bit with a great pc

and LPC script , Max/msp launchpad and remote zero,

and i most say , everything was working GOOD and got broken out of the blue

after some time of not running live software , and then i came back running it and boom... nothing was changed on the computer in that time...


anyone haveany idea?


thank you


Naaman meir


naaman 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Doradus
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    Have you considered trying the 32-bit version of Live?  Do you really need the 64-bit version?  Ableton recommends the 32-bit version unless you specifically need 64-bit memory addressing:

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    Easy, On you key board press the key combo (Ctrl+Comma+Plus) To bring up preferences, then press midi/sync or something like that Then make in put "Launchpad" and select it for all things. Then enable all settings accept for the middle column.

    Hope it helped, Sincerely FR0STBYT3

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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