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I have Ableton Suite and Ableton Launchpad Edition. When I use Ableton Launchpad it doesn't have drum rack, operator, electric, or anything but analog and simpler. How do I import my library from Suite/Upgrade the Launchpad Edition?


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  • [stm] Ableton staff
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    There is actually no need to keep the Launchpad Edition when you own the Suite in the first place - all the content included in the Launchpad Edition is also included in the Suite. This also goes for Launchpad support.

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  • ShelLuser
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    So in addition to [stm]'s answer:

    You can safely uninstall the launchpad edition and continue work with Suite. This is actually a specific Live feature...

    If there are updates available (either see your user account section or join us at the excellent Ableton forums) then these updates are commonly installed besides the version you already have. This will then allow you to make sure that the newer version actually does the things you need. Only when you're fully satisfied can you decide to uninstall the older (previous) version.

    Here the same applies.


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