Launchpad & apc40 midi mapping interfering each other... what's wrong?

Lately for a live gig, I had my liveset with launchpad straightly used in session mode to trigger and launch clips and Apc40 with monomulator

On apc40, I've Midi mapped the 8 buttons below the 8 knobs for device's control [blue hand] to get on/off for several effects or control rack devices.


What horror when I tried it all:

triggering pads on launchpad would act like the 8 buttons midi mapped, so they are not triggering clips but activate and desactive some devices like I midi mapped.

I clearly see that the same midi channel is shared by both, making impossible to map those 8 buttons on apc40.


with a bit more investigating, I found that the top 4buttons are the Most problematic.

Can't find a way to specify own midi channel for each one.

Last thing, apc40 is running through midi Yoke with monomulator.

The only workaround is to AVOID at all cost midi mapping those buttons.


If anyone has a clue other than maxforlive, it would be really welcome.


Thank you


Hermanus 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • jjsauma
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    You can create a midi channel for each controller setting its midi input from each controller. Then set the midi out to yoke but specifyin a different midi channel for each midi channel (corresponding to each controller). This way each controller will send notes and ccs through different midi channels without messing each others signals. I have done this.


    3 years ago | 1 comment

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