Latency problem Max-7-Pack von Cycling ‘74

Hi  the demo set from the  new max 7 pack brings trouble with in.

A added a drumrack from the Live 9  libary but is hard to  play from latency point of view.

When hitting Push drum pads all sounds come with enorm latency  out.

absolutly not playable ..

Pdc,APC.. watever problem..?

so adding new sounds is not imposible in Live 9 but imposible to play.

any idea whats happen here ?


best regard


p.s. I test the new  free Max 7 devices in a emty set with a drumrack from the libary and it looks like thought,

the new devices are badly latency  compensated or not corect compesated and  this makes it imposible to play to work with ...

hope they fix the free devices...


S.Rueckwardt 2 years ago | 0 comments

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