Latency in Live 9.7.1 and Push 2

Hi all,

I can't seem to reduce my roundtrip latency lower than 12.9ms at 44.1kHz, with sample size of 64 (lowest permitted by the Asio4all driver). I find this a little surprising and was expecting lower latency given the system I'm using:

-Razer Blade Stealth, i7 quad core Kaby Lake processor (late 2016), 16 gb RAM

-Windows 10, Live 9.7.1 (64 bit), everything is running off of the SSD

-Asio4all driver installed, set to 64 samples (lowest available)

-No other programs running, all memory available for Live

I often use Push 2 to play and record things live into my projects.  I've invested a lot of money into what I thought was a powerful laptop, expecting I could really minimize latency and optimize performance...

1) Does this level of latency seem appropriate given specs above, or am I being unreasonable by thinking it should be lower?

2) What are other Push 2 users achieving, and how/what is your set up?

3) Suggestions on how to reduce latency further - am I missing something?




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