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Hi all,

Can anyone suggest a reason why my Kenton control box ( 16 faders, 16 buttons) will not map to L9. Mac Book Pro 10.6.8, 8gb RAM
There is no problem getting MIDI in to L9, the LED lights up and the Kenton works perfectly with a hardware synth. The instrument (Analog) just does not recognise the mapping. I suspect the reason is something to do with the word 'legacy'. Is there a manual way of setting a MIDI CC number to a control in L9, as the Kenton can be configured to output any CC on any slider. In fact, youn configure multiple CC's both negative and positive on one slider i.e. cutoff going up as resonance comes down. MY Axiom 25 and Akai LPD work perfectly. BTW the Kenton doesn't work correctly with Reason 6.5 either, but you can see the controls moving and changing the sound to an extent, but it's not right.
Regards, M.

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    Hi All,
    Forget that query. All sorted now.......

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