Korg Microkorg Plug-In: Amateur looking for sympathy response

So, here's the deal: I have my MK hooked up to my audio interface, Scarlett 2i4 through an in/out Midi Port connection. In addition, I connected a 1/4 jack from my MK to the audio interface. The audio interface is connected to my Mac through a USB port. All is well when I'm recording the MK through an computer interface on ableton (for instance, the preset focusrite ones that the Scarlett 2i4 came with.) However, I'm not a fan of that because I cannot modify the sounds through the knobs on my MK. So, I am looking to record the MK straight into the computer, but have had zero luck, although Ableton recognizes a signal from the Microkorg. I created an External Instrument Midi channel, choosing the correct Midi output and channel. Ive read countless forums and reread what the manual has to say about it, but cannot figure it out!! I know this a dumb/basic question, but take pity lol


Thanks in advance!


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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    Please also have a look at this Knowledge Base article about using external gear with Live: 


    Hope it helps!



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    Any luck in finding your answers?

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    If I'm reading the question right you don't actually want to create a midi track at all but an audio one. Make a new audio track, and in the 'Audio From' (you may need to click the IO button to make the drop down visible) select Ext In and the audio channel you've plugged the MicroKorg into. You should see the audio signal coming through in the VU meter if you've selected the right ones.

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