Komplete 8 VST plugins and Ableton 8

running PC,windows 7. upgraded from komplete 6 to komplete 8 and ableton 8. it seems as though all the NI (32bit .DLL) files, when i place them in my VST plugin folder ableton doesnt recognize them. the Old files will work (with exception of kontakt 4). The devices work fine in a standalone player mode, but dont want to work withing ableton. Any other 3rd party VSTs (vanguard) work just fine.

Ive uninstalled, and re-installed everything and have not changed location of Root Folders. In abelton i did options-preferences-midi found my VST plugin folder rescanned it,..and nothing.


Any ideas?? anyone else having these issues?  Native instruments TECH support has'nt been that great so far.


bassguy 5 years ago | 0 comments

2 answers

  • Near Earth Object
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    Probably has something to do with the vst folders. I've had this problem before, because of wrong files in the wrong folders (32 vs 64 bit plugins) .

    5 years ago | 2 comments
  • bassguy
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    PROBLEM SOLVED BROTHER !!!!!!!!!!!   after racking my brain, reloading, checking everything...hahahaha, i got it. 


    the ableton 8.4 BETA. install, and everything runs PERRFECT !!!!   WOOOOO im SO stoked.   



    5 years ago | 0 comments

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