Keyboarders setup with ableton live?

Hi everyone,

I'm a keyboard player in band and I've started using my laptop for gigs.

I've got a Roland Juno-Di synth, a novation impulse midi keyboard and a launchpad hooked up with my macbook pro which is synced to the drummers laptop with the backing tracks. I tried mainstage but I found it rather unstable and just annoying to use, so I tried to work something out with ableton, as I've been using ableton for producing and composing for a few years now and just love it.

This is basically working fine, as ableton lets me do everything I want, but its starting to get a bit complicated. I have a group track for each song and then I load up my software instruments plus some samples. The Problem is that CPU usage is making the whole thing a bit laggy as my set becomes bigger and bigger. So I try to freeze all the tracks for upcoming songs and delete the tracks of the songs we've already played. But obviously this is rather time consuming and annoying on stage.

Anyone got an idea how I could make this process quicker (with the push of a button would be nice, like switching between songs in main stage if you know what I mean)?

Is there a possibility to send program changes to the soft synths, so that I could reduce the amount of synths I have to load up?

And last of all: is there anyone else using ableton for a keyboard setup who would like to share his or her setup? 

thank you in advance for any comments :)

happy music making !



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    Hey! I'm looking for the same thing.

    I use one track for each song, and instrument racks for different sounds, layers and splits on that song.

    Then I automate those instruments by using the timeline, with markers.

    So, in my midi controller I use one button for each song. When I press the button, it takes me to that song, and then, to switch between the different sounds of it, I use "next" and "previous" buttons.

    ¿did you solve your rig?

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