Joining sections of one clip in arrange page.

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Hopefully there's a solution for this! I've got a recording of speech that's about 3 hrs in total. I need to edit it and have chopped out unneeded sections leaving a bunch of separate section (about 60 of them!). I can drag them together manually but is there a quicker way - i.e. select all separate section and auto join them to form a continuous clip with the gaps removed?


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    Hi! You can't make more than one selection at a time as far as I know, so you cant select all the seperate pieces you want and then join them in one go. One thing that might help is selecting the piece that you don't want and then clicking 'delete time' in the Edit menu (shortcut is ctrl+shift+del on PC), this deletes the piece of the clip you selected AND deletes that portion of the arrangement as well, so it also deletes the gap that would be there if you only pressed delete. You still have to do this for every bit you don't want in there though. 

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